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About this site

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Visit Hugh’s world of panoramas …

A site that is being developed to relate specifically to panoramic photography to show the potential of this media and how it is able to convey much more than words or single images.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a panorama must be worth ten thousand, especially a 360° (or spherical) panorama where you can look all around and in any direction you wish to.

Photographs and Panoramas  

Photographs and Panoramas

Photographs, Panoramas and Images from a variety of locations around the world, including some of those taken during the 2004 BSES expedition to the Gregory Rift and Ol Doinyo Lengai in northern Tanzania.

There are useful links to Panorama related pages and web sites and notes from my own experiences with panoramic photography.

Visit Tanzania as a Volunteer or sponsor projects in the region  

Sponsor local projects in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya,
or visit as a Volunteer


Projects in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania are helping the local communities to escape from poverty as epitomised by the School of St Judes motto "Fighting poverty through education".

You can help in country or from home knowing where your money, time and effort is going.

Please visit my East Africa page to find out more.

The Church of St. Mary, Easton Neston  

The Church of St Mary and St Lawrence's Church

Photographs and Panoramas of the Church of St Mary, Easton Neston, and St Lawrence's Church, Towcester, in Northamptonshire.

Service times for the Church of St Mary.

Links to travel related web sites  

Travel Related Links

Over the life of this site I have been requested to add links to other travel related web sites and have obliged in a number of cases.  Unfortunately, these site have not invited me to evaluate the services they offer first hand, but I have listed them in good faith and cannot accept any responsibility if they do not perform as expected.  If you feel that a link should not be listed here, please please use the Contact Form on the hugh360.co.uk About page to contact me and I will investigate.


360° Panoramas

Links to 360° (Spherical) Panoramas.

The Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia, English Churches, Corporate Hospitality Suits, Property, Stereo Anaglyphs, Thermal Imaging and others.

Panorama Related Sites and Software  

Links to Panorama Related Sites and Software

Links include PTGui, Pano2VR, Red Door VR, Nodal Ninja, panoramic tripod head suppliers and 360° panoramas.

Safari 2013  

Safari 2013


The adventure begins at the Kivi Milimani Hotel in Kenya's capital city, Nairobi.

The Iron Age Roundhouse  

The Iron Age Roundhouse

Once a ubiquitous feature in the landscape these structures are now few and far between, but knowledge gained by constructing these buildings has lead to them being better understood and the skills to build them learned.  You are able to have your own Iron Age Roundhouse built or courses on the construction of these buildings by contacting Anthony Brown.

Cracking Nuts in North Devon  

Cracking Nuts


Cracking Nuts - they are absolutely passionate about nuts, natural ingredients and North Devon!
Cracking Nuts was born in early Spring in 2014 after it struck them just how moorish and tasty the humble nut can be.

They have found a 200 year old German recipe and by experimenting with it a little have come up with a traditional range of sweet cinnamon, salty and chilli roasted peanuts, cashews and almonds, all with our own unique modern twist.

Conygar Coppice in Dorset  

Conygar Coppice


The ancient technologies that have shaped the English countryside for millennia are kept alive today by dedicated people who have become skilled in these ancient crafts. 

Conygar Coppice is a web site that provides a gateway into this fascinating world of Iron Age Roundhouses, Hedge laying, Hurdles and Fencing and even Composting Toilets.

Measurements from 360° (Spherical) Panoramas  

Measurements from 360° (Spherical) Panoramas

360° Panoramas have properties that can enable Angles (both Horizontal and Vertical) to be derived from various projections in the same way as using a Theodolite.
The Angles measured from two or more 360° Panoramas can be used to derive Measurements and Co-ordinates.

Photographic Intersection  

Photographic Intersection

The low cost method for accurately measuring 3D points using photographs.

The Nodal Point of a Lens   Determining the Nodal Point of a Lens  

For a lens to be used effectively for Photographic Intersection and taking certain types of Panoramas, such as full 360° Panoramas, the location of the Nodal Point (or more correctly, the entrance pupil) must be accurately determined.

The Ancient Technology Centre  

The Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne, Dorset

The Ancient Technology Centre provides learning experiences for children of all ages, which is hands-on and exciting.  It provides a unique blend of ancient crafts and skills combined with long-term construction projects to give both children and adults an opportunity to experience the realities of past life.

BSES Expedition to Tanzania - 2004  

Tanzania 2004

Reports and stories from the British Exploring Society (formerly ‘The British Schools Exploring Society’) expedition to the Great Rift Valley and Ol Doinyo Lengai in northern Tanzania in 2004, and other Tanzania related links.

Nesting Blue Tits  

Nesting Blue Tits

Video clips of Blue Tits nesting.

Links to related web sites  


Links to other sites of interest related to topics on this web site.


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